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Dynamics Ax printing from the AOS


This post will be all about printing from printers that are connected on the AOS instead of the client.

First up is installing a printer on the server thats hosts the AOS services. Next is configuring the client and server as shown in the next screenshots:

Client configuration
Client configuration
Server configuration
Server configuration

In the printer setup you should now be able to choose from printers with the prefix “AOS:”

*edit* : If the printer does not show up, try restarting the windows ‘Print Spooler’ service.

Many application object servers today are installed on 64bit operating systems this can cause problems when trying to connect a network printer that is hosted on a 32bit printer server. You might choose to upgrade the operating system of the printer server and face more drivers problems with other 32bit clients or install a secondary 64bit printer server, witch seems overkill.  A better is when the printer is connected directly to the LAN install it on the server thats hosts the AOS services. You can do this by installing the printer local with a TCP/IP port and using the 64bit driver.

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