Dynamics Ax 2009 using the DateTimeUtil

Since i’m getting a lot of google hits on my Dynamics Ax – workdays to days post, i’ve decided to blog some more about it. The DateTimeUtil class is actually a wrapper of the .NET DateTime class. A first thing to remember when using UtcDateTime EDT’s is that it is stored like the name says… Continue reading Dynamics Ax 2009 using the DateTimeUtil

Dynamics Ax modifying CreatedDateTime

For testing purposes with the MRP we needed to modify the createdDateTime fields in Dynamics Ax 2009. Since these are system fields we needed a workaround. if(isRunningOnServer() && CurUserId() == "Admin") { new OverwriteSystemfieldsPermission().assert();   salesLine.overwriteSystemfields(true); // "YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS" salesLine.(fieldnum(SalesTable,CreatedDateTime)) = str2datetime( "2010/04/03 11:00:00" ,321 ); salesLine.doInsert(); salesLine.overwriteSystemfields(false);   CodeAccessPermission::revertAssert(); } Remarks: Make sure that… Continue reading Dynamics Ax modifying CreatedDateTime

Dynamics Ax workdays to days

Ever had to calculate the number of days starting from a number of workdays and even deal with holidays. A pretty straightforward example using the DateTimeUtil class and DayOfWk method. static void WorkDaysToDays(Args _args) { int workDays = 10; int days = 0; date startDate = systemDateGet(); CalendarId calendarId = CompanyInfo::find().ShippingCalendarId; ;   if(calendarId) {… Continue reading Dynamics Ax workdays to days