Dynamics Ax printing logo’s from batch


*Edit Microsoft has released a fix for this problem contact support for this*

As all of you know the Image class in Dynamics Ax 4.0 and 2009 can only run on client. This poses a problem when you want to print for example invoices with your company logo on it. Having this found out I went to look for an alternative!

I’ve added this code to the top of the PDFViewer class in the writeBitmap(OutputBitmapField _field, OuputSection _section) method

For the method BLOGWriteBitmapOnServer(OutputBitmapField _field, OuputSection _section) I have copied everything from the writeBitmap and started by replacing the Image object with a System.Drawing.Image object, you can make a company parameter for this file path.

After compiling there are a few errors witch I’ve corrected and ended up with this code.

This could probably been done much cleaner, but it does the job. 🙂