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Enterprise portal: work items for Purchase orders

Hi all,

Those of you who work with workflow in the Procurement flow might have encountered the following problem. The client wants to approve Purchase Orders through the Enterprise Portal, but for some reason the work items are not visible, while they are visible in AX Client.

Fair enough, you’d say, there actually is an option in the workflow to enable or disable this from the Enterprise Portal. Weird enough, the checkbox is checked and there is no other reason why actions on work items would be blocked.

The problem is an actual standard Microsoft bug.

There is a difference in workflow elements that can be used, ‘Approve purchase order’ and ‘Approve purchase order, editable’. The latter makes it possible for reviewers to edit the Purchase Order they need to approve. The former obviously doesn’t. Only when the latter is used, work item actions become unavailable in the Enterprise portal.

Open AOT>Workflow>Approvals

You will find 2 approval elements: PurchTableApproval and PurchTableApprovalEdit


If we compare these two elements:


It is clear that the ‘ActionWebMenuItem’ is missing in the properties of the ‘PurchTableApprovalEdit’, for Approve/Reject/RequestChange. To solve our problem, we will simply need to fill these in on the Edit-element:

Approve: EPPurchTableApprovalApprove
Reject: EPPurchTableApprovalReject
RequestChange: EPPurchTableApprovalRequestChange

On the headnode we’ll need to fill out three missing fields as well:


DocumentWebMenuItem: EPPurchTableInfo
ResubmitWebMenuItem: EPPurchTableWorkflowReSubmit
DelegateWebMenuItem: EPPurchTableApprovalDelegate

This will fix the work item problem! Microsoft has stated that workflow functionality will change in AX7 and so this issue will not be resolved for AX2012.

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