Dynamics Ax composite queries

Hi all,

Currently I’m working on a new Dynamics Ax 2012 project and for that I’m developing a lot of list pages and forms. For these I had to make multiple menu items that open a list page with different filters, you can do this by setting the menu item query property or calling a class which calls the form with the correct query. So this involves creating a lot of query objects for the same table with only a few extra filters. If only there was a way to inherit queries from each other and there is! 🙂

It’s called composite queries and it’s only useful when you just want to extend your query with range or overriding a method. Also you can only derive one time from a query.

An example:

First I’ve created a base query that filters on  Sales Type with value Sales Order. So I have a query that filters all regular sales orders.

Base query

Next I’m creating a new query without any data sources and I drag my base query to the Composite query node. Then I can add my specific range, such as on Sales Status with value back order.

Open sales order query

That’s it! Now I can create multiple queries such as for delivered or invoiced orders and if I want to apply and extra range for all the queries I only have to change the base query.

source: MSDN


    1. Hi Daniel,

      I don’t get your question, why would you want to do that if you can just create a copy of the query object in code?

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